Note to Safari & iOS Users

After logging into the online payment or reservation screens (eDOMICO), you are presented with a Welcome Visitor page instead of the My Account Page and cannot process a payment or reserve a storage unit.

CAUSE: More recent versions of the Safari Browser for Macs, Windows, and iPads are set to always block cookies by default. The Block Cookies option in Safari must be set to “Never”.

RESOLUTION: Follow the steps below to allow cookies:

On a PC or Mac running Safari browser:

1. Open Safari

2. Click on Tools, then click on Preferences.

3. Click on the Privacy icon, then select the “Never” option under Block Cookies. By default, this is set to “Always”.

4. Close the window, then close Safari and relaunch the browser.

On an iPad or an iPad Mini, the steps are as follows:

1. Tap the Settings icon.

2. Tap the Safari icon.

3. Tap the “Accept Cookies” option.

4. Tap the “Always” option.

5. Close the Settings configuration tool

WORKAROUND: If the customer does not want to change this setting to allow cookies, they can use this workaround on a PC or Mac running Safari:

1. At the initial screen, right click and click on “Open Frame in New Window”

2. Now start the login process by selecting “I already have an existing online account”.

3. Log in with online credentials

4. My Account page appears correctly

Please don’t hesitate to call the leasing office directly if you have any additional questions or problems concerning the online payment or reservation systems.

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